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Unite Against Monopoly in Turkish Cinema!

Who doesn’t love going to cinema? I don’t. If cinema reminds us theatres of the malls showing the films of monopolized film distirbutors and also it reminds us theatres forced to stay side-by-side with food courts, I don’t like that cinema.

Today, monopolized distributors choose the films for you and those films are becoming alike day by day: the same background of screenplay, the same music and the same type of humour. Instead I prefer independent cinemas in Kızılay. Many of independent cinemas could not survive against increasing number of the malls. Every mall has its own cinema theatres. Today there are three of them: Metropol, Kızılırmak and Büyülü Fener. All of them is in Kızılay location.

Especially Büyülü Fener is the one I prefer within those three cinemas. Other than its location, it has also a relaxing area in front of the building. The best thing about it you have an option to book your seats by phone!Sinema1-Lavarla

Another good option of Büyülü Fener is, which is a unique feature of it, Başka Sinema. Başka Sinema is an organization providing audience with festival films during the year. Its motto is “everyday is a festival day for us“. They have a screen in Büyülü Fener to show festival films from all around the world or good productions which had not been given a chance by the monopolized distributors. So, if you miss the festival, you have still a chance to see that movie you have been waiting for all year.

Monopoly in Turkish cinema: What is independent cinema? Which problems is it trying to deal with?

“Who cares monopolizing thing, it does not affect me. I watch everything in cinema theatres.” If you say so, the answers are in the documentary of “Only Blockbusters Left Alive: Monopolizing Film Distribution In Turkey”.

kapaligise-lavarla-1The documentary provides us statistical data on the issue and interviews made with the producers and directors. It puts the issue in a crystal clear way. Here are the facts:

Although film industry in Turkey has made a breakthrough in last 10 years, however the lack of regulation in the industry has resulted with an unjust distribution in screens and seats. While only one cinema chain holds more than 50 percent of the market, it controls the process of production and distribution at the same time. The independent movies cannot gain seats in this play. The documentary attracts our attention to this fact and trace the devastation created by this unfair system.


The size of the monopoly in Turkish cinema may upset you, but remember you have a choice You must watch the documentary through the Internet before you decide which theatre you are going to see in the next afternoon.

Directors: Şenay Aydemir , Evrim Kaya , Kaan Müjdeci
Producers: Kaan Müjdeci , Cem Doruk
Cinematography: Kemalettin Sert

This article is translated into English by Seren. You can find the original article in Turkish here.

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