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The Pubs We are the Frequenters in Ankara

Frequenter: The one who is visiting a place frequently. As the ones who enjoy hanging out, having fun and chat with friends, there are many pubs in Ankara for us which we are the frequenters. When we give a glance to our past, it is recognized that many good times of us passed in these spaces and also we are reliefed with the nice talks of friends in our sad times. We have listed each of these unique pubs in Ankara for you.

Soul Pub

The place which conquers your heart with affordable prices receives you with arms open. You start to look forward something happens in Kızılay to find a chance to give a break in Soul Pub.  In addition to its delicious dishes, it also have the widest scale of draft beer brands I have ever seen.

Address: Kavaklıdere Mah. Olgunlar St. No:18



An Ankara classic… You feel blesssed when you eat here, since it is always full. Although it is hard to find a table here, it is not a problem for the frequenters; you can always take your drink, hang on in front of the place and have fun.  With no doubts, the most attractive characteristic of the place is its warm atmosphere. Another specific reason making this place one of the favorites of us is its menu: kumpir (baked patato fills), kokoreç (grilled and seasoned lamb intestines), and midye (mussels).. each of them matches with your beer perfectly. My favorite appetizer with beer is Kıtır’s deep fried mussels.. it is hard to describe, it is better to experience it.

Address: Tunalı Hilmi st. No:114/K Kavaklıdere, Ankara



With its warm atmosphere, Zula also promise hours full of pleasure and joy to you and your friends. There is another major reason to love Zula that much: table soccer! There is nothing competes with challenging your friends in table soccer after the wonderful hours chatting and being lightheaded. It is also irreplaceable for large group meetings since it is considerably large place.

Address: Kızılırmak Sk. No:15, Ankara (Just next to the Kakule Kahve)


June Pub

The popular place of the Jazz lovers: June Pub. Live performences in three days of the week and of course we will be there! A place that colors our day with its energetic and warm atmosphere, you may be addicted to. With no doubt, June will be one of our irreplaceables because of their service motto of “good food, good vine and good music”. Although the place is recently opened, it already has its own frequenter profile.

Address: Yukarı Bahçelievler Mah., Azerbaycan St. (Old 3rd St.), No: 115-A, Çankaya/ANKARA



There is no one who lives in Ankara and doesn’t know Sakal. It is the reason of the crowd starting from the beginning of Tunus street while you are directed to Bestekar street, because there is fact of “in front of the Sakal”. You always feel like “what is happening here!?” when you pass in front of the place on Saturdays and Sundays, lots of deep chats are experienced in this place. It is one of the well known pubs in Ankara where calls everybody from  all generations.

Address: John F. Keneddy caddesi, No 11, 06200 Ankara


Pool Pub

It is the savior of the profile living at a distance from the city center. It is a hot spot to save ourselves from the crowds of the city with its cool atmosphere and high quality service. Another reason for being a frequenter is the large area obtained for playing billiard and dart, just for the game lovers!

Address: Sultan Fatih Park No: 2 Çayyolu/Ankara



It is the most lovable figure of Sakarya street, the center of the sincerity and the stage of our favorite music groups. It is actually a bar and is more than a pub for us, but may compete with many other places when the number of frequenters are considered. There is almost no one who lives his/her young ages in Ankara and never stop by this place.  Sometimes you go there since you missed it or you just love it, and sometimes you visit there for its wonderful rocket salad. Now, there is a generation in Ankara who is dying for learning the recipe of this salad !

Address: Sakarya Cad, 06420 Çankaya/Ankara


Please share your comments and let us know about your favorite frequenter pubs in Ankara:)

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