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The Best Coffee Shops As Study Spots in Ankara

It is the second week of November. Midterms are on the horizon. Most of our editors are students, so we know… I hereby salute them, and wish them success. In a weekday, with books in your hand, you will probably say (like our editors) “What am I going to do, only two days left and lots of subjects I need to cover”. Or you have lots to do at work because it is en of the year, but you cannot focus on your job at the office. Keep calm. No reason to get excited. Below, there is a list of coffee shops which will open your minds with coffee and calm you with their peaceful environments.

We wish you success in your exams already!

1) Sloth


As one of the neat and lovely details of Güvenlik Street, sloth can be the savior you are looking for in midterm/final times. You can chat with the owners of the place and feel carefree for a while. They have a very friendly owner. Its name comes from ta cute animal and achieves peace of its name.

Ayrancı, Güvenlik Cd. No:36, 06540 Çankaya/Ankara

2) Rispetto


Rispetto means “respect and honor” in Italian. This name fits with the aim of the shop, because the owners believe that respect must be paid to the farmers, and harvesters of the coffee. It is a peaceful stop on 7th Street. Perfect place to make a fair copy of your notes. Carrot cakes and German cheesecakes are definitely suggested snacks.

Yukarı Bahçelievler Mahallesi, 59.Sokak, No 15/C Çankaya, Ankara



In a short break you can ask about the alternative methods of coffee brewing and have a long conversation with the owners about it. But don’t get too caught up and forget to study!

Bahçelievler Mahallesi, Azerbaycan Caddesi, 49.Sokak, No 10/B, Çankaya, Ankara

4) Padam

padamcoffee-ankara-lavarlaIt is on the right-hand side of Kuğulu Park. Turn to Kıtır and then follow the smell of coffee to find Padam. Choose the table upstairs which suits your mood the best, pile up your books and notes on the table and start studying. They have also vegan food.

Atatürk Bulvarı 237/16 Kavaklıdere Çankaya / +90 312 467 2326

5) Crop

crop-coffee-ankara-lavarlaWith its delicious coffees and beautiful interior design, this place opens up minds. From time to time we pass by this coffee shop and feel happy to see studying people inside. Bülten Sokak gets better with Crop Besides, you can pick up the products of Matruşka Design here.

Barbaros Mahallesi, Bülten Caddesi, No 18/B, Çankaya, Ankara

6) Goofy’s


Another stop on Bülten Street, which is obviously becoming the coffee street of this city. Goofy’s is a colorful and warm coffee shop. The name comes from the owner’s dog’s name: Goofy. I would reward myself with petting Goofy after a proper studying.

Bülten sokak 12/D Tunali Hilmi Caddesi / 0535 225 0825


getto-ankara-lavarlaWith our wonderful editor lizoğlan’s expression: “Getto is the name of 3 dreams which are unified under 1 roof”. 3 old friends’ dream of opening of a coffee realized, we may say. You can listen the owners’ memories of their own student life, they may tell you how they did cope with stress in hopeless exam periods. That would be nice.

Yukarı Bahçelievler Mah. 60.Sk No:11 Çankaya/ANKARA


guzu-coffee-ankara-lavarlaBesides from being a little, tasty and pretty coffee shop, Guzu is also restful and study-friendly. You don’t have to wait midterm/final times. When you want to take a break and read a book, you may go there.

Bülten Sokak 26/A (Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi)

9) Aya

aya-coffee-ankara-lavarlaWith its cute logo and beautiful name, Aya is a peaceful stop in Hoşdere Street. It is maybe one of the first “3rd wave” coffee shops of this city. Aya, is the abbreviaton of “As You Are”. You should ask for the story of their logo when you go there.

Ayrancı Mahallesi, Hoşdere Caddesi, No: 25, Çankaya, Ankara  / 05322540458

10) Kahve Akademisi (Coffee Academy)


This place is Bahçelievler’s newest stop. They have already youth’s attention and became a focal point. The interior design of the place is whispering “Study…” to your inner voice. You feel like you have to read a line or two. So that can be a good source of motivation.

Bahçelievler 35.sokak 16/8 / 0541 450 6861

11) Coffee Lab Kızılay

coffeelab-kizilay-lavarlaWith their student-friendly attitude and spacious interior, they became a real study spot. Students who are preparing for university entrance exam, people who apply for exams to take part in official posts, or university students studying for midterms or finals. It is the meeting point for all exam-takers. Besides being calm, the location is very central and easy to access!

Kızılay Mahallesi, Atatürk Bulvarı, No 141, Çankaya, Ankara

Have a successful year!

< This article is written for by Muge and translated into English by Burcu Karael and all rights reserved.>

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