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Sweet Talk: Ankara Dessert Guide

After a meal eaten with pleasure, alongside a cup of coffee, to put up a candle on top to celebrate a happy day… Our eyes always look for desserts! Some like milky puddings and some enjoy sweet sherbet. The ones that always dream of faraway lands enjoy tiramisu and cheesecake. Regardless of the type of dessert on the table, it makes you talk sweet as well. If you are looking for a place to eat your favorite dessert in Ankara, here is a very sweet guide for you!

  • Tiramisu

As someone who has for many years eaten tiramisu only with coffee aroma, Bosco Caffe & Tiramisu is a paradise for me. Reach out to Emek for tiramisu with forest fruits and lemon. Another favorite in our Ankara dessert list, Pone Desserts also offers a variety of tiramisu. Their lemongrass and milk jam selections are delicious.

Ankara dessert list guide

Bosco: Emek Mahallesi 8. Cadde (Bişkek) No:33/A

Pone Desserts: Birlik Mahallesi 435. Cadde No:42/2A

  • Künefe

It is a bit of a radical switch to talk about Künefe after Tiramisu, but sherbet lovers know what I mean! The first stop for Künefe should definitely be Zeugma. Get ready to wait in line for Zeugma, where künefe is served with seasonal fruits on the side! The second favorite in our Ankara dessert guide, Hattena is also a good choice if you want to explore a künefe over other Hatay delicacies.

Künefe ankara dessert guide zeugma

The image is taken from Zeugma’s Facebook page.

Zeugma: Oğuzlar Mahallesi, Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Caddesi No:24

Hattena: Nasuh Akar Mahallesi, Süleyman Hacıabdullahoğlu Cd. 41/A

  • Cheesecake

If you like a big slice of cheesecake, full of cheese cream, and covered with fruit and berries, the address is definitely Turta Home Cafe. You can find yourself in Ümitköy for a very tasty slice of cheesecake. If you want to stay in the center Bonapple will also welcome you in the warm atmosphere with its chocolate cheesecake for a chocolate feast.

cheesecake in ankara best

Turta: Mutluköy Sitesi, 2. Cadde 4. Sokak No:15

Bonapple: Kavaklıdere Mahallesi, Bestekar Sokak No:39

  • Waffle

Who can say “no” to a waffle with fresh ingredients and cotton-like dough? The best waffle in the city can be found at the Waffle Corner and can be enjoyed with a cup of Illy espresso. Another alternative, Chocolate Art, is one of the most naive places in the city and in our Ankara dessert favorites list. Their Belgian-style waffle is famos!

best waffle in ankara dessert guide

Waffle Corner: Gaziosmanpaşa Mahallesi, Arjantin Caddesi Turan Emeksiz Sokak No:7

Chocolate Art: Aziziye Mahallesi, Cinnah Caddesi No:52

  • Rice Pudding (Sütlac)

One can write poems to the traditional rice pudding, which is caramelized and served cold. If you can’t go to Hamsiköy in the city of Trabzon to eat rice pudding, you can visit Kardens instead. Attention! It could be severely addictive.

ankara dessert guide

The image is taken from Kardens’ website

Kardens: Kızılay Mahallesi, İzmir-2 Caddesi No:43

This Ankara dessert guide includes the ones that I tried and wanted to share. Don’t forget to write down the alternative suggestions that we can taste so that our dessert guide can grove!

Bon Appetit, or as we say in Turkish, “Afiyet olsun”!

Translated by: Jeyan Idil Aslan

This article is available in Turkish! Click here to take a look!

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