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Radio Stations of Ankara

Anyone can easily accept that we have already removed our radios from our kitchens, bedrooms or our mobile phones and do not miss them. Who wants radio while having smartphones which can play what and when we want? The answer is simple: adventure-lovers! If you are a super adventurer, you should enjoy with the excite of an unexpected song. It is the radio which can give you this pleasure. Here we made a list of radio stations for adventure-lovers living in Ankara.

Radyo3-Lavarla1-Radyo ODTÜ (FM 103.1)

As a radio station of METU (Middle East Technical University), Radyo ODTÜ was established in 1995. The channel has lost its feature of being only an Ankara radio station with the release of daily Modern Sabahlar (Modern Mornings) program. Its music genre includes Pop-Rock, alternative-rock. It was granted Best Radio Station of the Year Award in 2010. Also, it came first in  “most listened radio stations of Turkey” in 2011.

Radyo1-Lavarla2-Max Fm (95.8)

Max Fm broadcasts for 24 hours and it is a friendly station helping us to get up in the morning and go to our works without any syndrome. Its music genre varies from alternative to country, pop, rock and indie songs.

Radyo2-Lavarla3- Radyo İlef (FM 91.0)

If you are able to reach to noon without syndrome thanks to Max Fm, you are ready to listen to İlef Radio to reach nirvana during afternoon time, because it makes rest of your day totally peaceful and calm. If you are walking, İlef Radio could make you think about walking more and more to keep listening. “No advertisement” is their motto.

Radyo4-Lavarla4- Radyo Bilkent (FM 96.6)

Radyo Bilkent is also a university radio station like Radyo ODTÜ. It differentiates from ODTÜ with its personnel, they are all Bilkent students working voluntarily. It broadcasts for 24 hours of a day. Radio programs with different themes (music, cultura, art, sport and so on) are made by students as well.

Radyo5-Lavarla5- Radyo 3

Radyo 3 is a radio station of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). Its music genre includes jazz, classical music, pop music and rock. Classical music lovers in Turkey generally prefers listening Radyo 3, maybe this is because detailed information is given for every music piece on the radio.


Bonus: Radyo Naif

It is one and only live cafe radio of the world broadcasting for 7/24. There are live chats on cinema, literature, theatre and art on Radyo Naif. You can listen to the station both on the Internet and its mobile application.

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This article is translated into English by Seren. You can find the original article in Turkish here.

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