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Coffee Shops in Ankara for Studying

The time for midterms has arrived. There are a lot of students in our editorial staff in Ankara… I greet them here, I wish success to each of them. Just like them, you are going to say “There are only two days left and I have to study a lot!”. Calm down. There’s no room for fuss. Below, there is a list of coffee shops in Ankara; which will open your mind with great coffee and handle the bustle. They’re all set for studying.

We wish everyone good luck in advance in their studies!

1. Sloth

One of the quiet and pleasant coffee shops in Ankara at Güvenlik Street. This place may be the savior of the upcoming midterm and final period. You can chat with the sweet owners in order to blow off some steam. The owner is a lady with a big smile!. They get their name from a cute animal that we know as a “lazy animal”. It is the best name for a peaceful and quiet place like that.

Güvenlik Caddesi No: 36 A. Ayrancı

2. Rispetto

Rispetto means respect and reverence in Italian. They use this name because they believe that the farmer that harvests coffee deserves respect. It is a peaceful stop of 7th Street (7. Cadde). It is a great place to clear your thoughts- and drafts too! Carrot cakes and German cheesecakes are especially good.

Yukari Bahcelievler Mahallesi 59.Sokak No: 15 / C Bahcelievler

3. Prod

It is a place where you can ask for a new generation of coffee brewing techniques, and have long conversations with the owners about this. But you should not forget studying and keep this sweet talk short!

Azerbaycan Caddesi (Eski 3. Cadde) 49. Sokak No: 10 / B Bahçelievler

4. Padam

It is on the left-hand side of Kugulu Park. You pass Kitir and follow the nice smell of the coffee. You choose the table that best suits your mood, and you’re working hard to stack up books and notes.

Ataturk Bulvari 237/16 Kavaklıdere | +90 312 467 2326

5. Crop

This place is mind-blowing with delicious coffee and beautiful interior design. As we pass by, we are happy to see people working there. Bülten Street is more beautiful with Crop. You also have the chance to buy Matrushka Design’s products from there.

Bülten Caddesi No:18/B Kavaklıdere

6. Goofy’s

Another stop at Bülten Street, well known by its coffee shops! Goofy’s is a colorful and cozy coffee shop. Its name is from the lovely dog of the owners – Goofy. You can reward yourself with petting Goofy after a study session.

Bülten Caddesi No: 12 / D Kavaklıdere | 0535 225 0825

7. Getto | Lounge

The Ghetto, as our wonderful editor Lizoglan’s beautiful expression, is a place where three dreams come together under the same roof. It is a dream come true for three friends. Here you can also listen to the memories of the owners when they were at school.

Yukarı Bahçelievler Mahallesi 60. Sokak No:11 Bahçelievler

8. Guzu

Besides being a small, delicious, charming coffee shop, it is also a quiet and friendly place. You don’t have to wait for only the midterm – final periods. You can also go when you want to listen to your thoughts or read a book. One of the cutest coffee shops in Ankara!

Bülten Sokak No: 26 / A Kavaklıdere

9. Aya*

*Unfortunately the first Aya is closed

It is a tranquil stop on Hosdere Street with its cute logo. This is probably the first “3. wave” coffee shops in Ankara. Aya is short for As You Are. You should ask the story of the logo at a time when you go there.

Güvenlik Caddesi No:70 A. Ayrancı

10. Kahve Akademisi

This is one of the newest coffee shops in Ankara in Bahçelievler. It has already attracted the attention of young people, and has already become the focus. The interior design of the space is calling you to study. You feel like you have to read something. So it could be a good motivating place!

Bahcelievler Mahallesi 35. Sokak No: 16/8 Bahcelievler | 0541 450 6861

11. Coffee Lab Kızılay

With their student-friendly attitudes and wide culinary selection, they have become one of the hot spots. Students who are preparing for the university exam, university students who are preparing to visa and finals, high schoolers… in short, it is one of the stops of all examination injuries. In addition to being calm, it is in the heart of Ankara and very easy to reach!

Atatürk Bulvarı No: 141 Kizilay

Translated by: Jeyan Idil Aslan
This article is also available in Turkish! Click here to take a look!

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