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Ankara’s Classical Food Places We Cannot Give Up

The shops have been multiplying; new places are trying to integrate their identities with Ankara. It is not easy to open a new place, adopt people and to create some regulars. Let’s assume this is a gamble in itself. As our editor Liz said, most of us dream of “opening and operating a small place in the future” but not all of us have courage. Instead of taking risks, I have been supporting the new places for the moment. It is beautiful to see how the risks taken many years ego have become our favorite places today. We made a list of classical places of the city where their first regulars have grandchildren today.

  1. Papazın Bağı

My dad tells me about here from his memories of youth. I guess the only place where we cannot see the buildings due to trees in the middle of the city, we are only chirping with the sky and we are cold though the sun rises. Zeki Müren, a very famous Turkish singer, loved it too!

Kuleli Street No: 61 GOP
Phone: 0 (312) 447 02 72

  1. Kıtır

It is the indispensable address after a long work day and Kıtır is the last stop before going home, even though the Tunalı’s traffic jam. I think enough romantic lyrics have been told to Kıtır in this city. I just say: go and eat kokorec! You do not have to sit, you can also hang out next to the wall in front of the passage.

Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi No: 114 (Beside Kuğulu Park) Kavaklıdere Ankara
Phone: 312 – 426 01 3

  1. Net Piknik

Net Piknik is the new generation of Yenisehir’s legendary Piknik. It is determined to continue the tradition of Piknik. Most of the time I pass through the front, but I would not look back at this place where the old men sit in the garden. One day there was a reason, I went with my friends. People of all ages, respectful waiters, delicious mezes…

Cumhuriyet District, Sakarya Main Street, İnkılap Street, No 7, Çankaya

  1. Cafe des Cafe

The Cafe des Cafe is a place hidden in Tunalı and looks like a tiny place from outside. It is always a place that I am not very good at entering and I am amazed everytime I enter. It is a warm place in every sense, and the employees are often tired to smile, so sincere. Human says that these places have not challenged for years in vain.

Kavaklıdere, Tunalı Hilmi Main Street 83 / A Çankaya

  1. Üçler Tavuk

Here is the place where you cannot stop eating in Ulus with half of money you paid in Tunalı. After lunch, place is out of döner. It is said that tulumba of Üçler is one of the most delicious one in the town. We are liars of the people.

Anafartalar Main Street Tahtakale Street. 1/A Altındağ

  1. Atatürk Orman Çiftliği 

Here is the place where we eat our very first kokorec. When Galatasaray had a match in UEFA, we went down with flags to Kızılay for celebrating, then went to AOÇ kokorec when we were tired from yelling and then hungry. There is a lot of space in the queue; there is no way you can go outside without stinking. In the kokorec line, the numbers are on hand. We have waited for the 17th place. There is no my chilhood’s taste but if you have not eaten kokerec in here yet, do not say “I am from Ankara”.

  1. Aspava

There are various rumors about where the original is; my favorite is Özcelik, which is in the middle of the three in Esat. Last year we made a friend from Istanbul ate it. “Is aspava this?” she said. So we agree that the only the people in Ankara understand this taste.

Barbaros, Esat Main Street No: 110, 06680 Çankaya

  1. Papillon Pub

Here is a nice pub that resists rising spaces in Olgunlar. We see people of all ages among the regulars. When you go inside, you really sense aging. It seems to be the first decoration still exists.

Olgunlar 9/A – 0531 383 7524

Hope you all enjoy these places as we do!

This article is translated into English by Zeynep Çelik.


Seren Erciyas
Editör, Lavarla'nın kurucu ortağı ve genel koordinatörü.

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