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Ankara Sushi Guide

As Ankara people who are surrounded by ASPAVA restaurants, eating sushi is kind of a puzzle for us. However, don’t be scared, this sushi guide will be very helpful for you. First of all, sushi is means more than the stereotype of “sushi is a raw fish”. I’m sure you will find a taste that you would love if you take a bite.  Let’s come to the types of sushi…

  • Sashimi: It is thinly sliced raw fish without rice. It is usually made with salmon.
  • Nigiri: It is made by placing fish or other materials on top of the compacted rice bed.
  • Maki: It is a type of sushi that is rolled fish and rice into nori which is Japanese moss.




Traditional varieties of sushi are simply like this, in addition to these classic tastes, there are also species called special roll, which is made by wrapping different fish species with various materials. If we have learned the types of sushi, we can switch to other sushi terms and to the eating habits.

  • If you are not experienced enough about chopstick don’t worry, you can eat sushi with your hands. Eating sushi in this way is an old Japanese tradition, so don’t hesitate.
  • Next to your ordered sushi, gari and wasabi will come. Gari is pickled ginger, it is for cleaning the palate when trying different types of sushi. Wasabi is a kind of Japanese mustard made from horseradish plant, it has a very sharp taste, but you can eat a little amount of wasabi inside soy sauce and enjoy it with sushi.

Since we get rid of all prejudices now we know the sushi better, let’s have a look at restaurants in Ankara where we can eat this delicious food and various Japanese / Far Eastern dishes.

Quick China

Although it is called Quick China, there are many Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes on the menu. You can try many dishes from different cuisines alongside delicious sushi. If you want to give the sushi a chance at Quick China, I suggest you start with a spider roll and a sake maki. The food they brought before dinner is another reason for us to love Quick China. I suggest you take a look at the dessert menu after dinner!

It has branches in Tepe Prime, Bilkent Center and GOP and Çayyolu.



At SushiCo, like Quick China, you can find a variety of Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. It has a richer sushi menu than other places. I highly recommend the Mango roll and the Rainbow roll.

It has branches in Çayyolu, GOP, Söğütözü ViaFlat and Panora Mall.

Chinese Sushi Express

This place serves only takeaway and ideal for a sushi feast at home. The menu consists of sushi, noodles, chicken-meat dishes, rice, and soups. You can try different kinds of sushi with rich set menus.

It serves takeaway by their Çayyolu, GOP and Söğütözü ViaFlat branches.

Çin Seddi

This boutique restaurant, located in Hoşdere Street, is separated from the other Far Eastern restaurants by its lower prices. In the café-restaurant atmosphere of the Çin Seddi, you can have a feast at a more affordable price compared to other places.

Adress: Hoşdere Cad. 127/A Çankaya Ankara 06460

Guangzhou Wuyang

I’m sure you’ve passed this boutique Chinese restaurant at Bestekar many times. And I’m deeply curious about how its name is pronounced. I’m sure you’ll love it after trying out the dishes, although it looks like a cliche Chinese restaurant from the outside due to its decoration and atmosphere. The menu is made up of Chinese cuisine, and every time you go, it is very likely that you will encounter a crowded tourist table. Fix menus are quite nice and satisfying. I highly recommend the seafood soup.

Address: Bestekar Sok. 88/B Kavaklıdere Çankaya 06680 Ankara

This article is also available in Turkish. Click here to take a look!

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