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Analog Guide of the City

Many people who are interested in photography in Ankara are into analog, and this keeps everyone in the analog soul, from the technical people of the photographic community to the artists, and it keeps the spirit alive. So, let’s learn more about the Ankara analog community.

1. I can hear that you say “Where do these people buy cheap films?” Fresh film depot of the savior of the analogists:

Orfo Photography used to sell stale films for 1 lira. Oh, good old days… But don’t panic! Because Orfo is a place where you can find new dated movies at an affordable price.

I leave the address here:
Özveren Cad., 5/B, Çankaya/Ankara

2. Is there a place where we can buy stale films?

Unfortunately, there is no place in Ankara where we can supply stale films. There was Aksel Photography in the past, it was owned by Mr. Orhan, where we talked about the stock market while smelling the tobacco, but he closed his shop for reasons we didn’t know.

3. Where do we buy cameras?

Although it does not have a shop, it is possible to supply machines from Anıl Değer and Media Photography which are on the lower floor of Ankara Pasaj. They make sales in Ayrancı Antique Market as well as online.

Necatibey Cad. Ankara Pasajı, No: 8/38 Sıhhiye (Media Photography)
Güvenevler Mahallesi, Çankaya (Ayrancı Antique Market)

4. Where do we repair the cameras?

In this sense, Ankara has more limited options than Istanbul. Although most of the shops say that they can repair cameras, they often cannot provide the parts. However, Mr. Ali who workes at Tripod Photography, and Mr. Engin Usta from Media Photography make the analog lovers of Ankara very happy.

5. Okay, so we bought the camera, we repaired it, we got the film… Now, where do we develop and scan the film?

In Ankara, almost every photography shop develops films, but we have found the cleanest and freshest bathroom for you!

Real Photo

The Real Photo Shop, which is in Ankara Kızılay Metro Bazaar always gives a high price and guaranteed price.
Address: Ankaray Metro Ortak Station, No:61-B, Kızılay

Gözde Color

Gözde Color, which offers the possibility of photo printing at any size, also offers high-quality scanning.
Address: Bayındır 1 Sokak, Aksoy Çarşısı, No:27-34, Kızılay

Fırat Color

He has been popular with Ankara’s analog lovers for many years with the sale of high-quality photo developing and fresh films.
Address: Kocatepe Mahallesi, Selanik Cad., No: 27, Çankaya

Büyük Photography

Büyük Photography is considered to be the oldest and most rooted photography shop of Ankara. As you may know, this place belongs to Mehmet Turgut’s family. It is also possible to have your film get developed and scanned there.
Address: Maltepe Mahallesi, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bul., No:40 D:33, Çankaya

Asdoğan Photography

Even though it looks like it has withdrawn from the analog, Asdogan Photography is still one of the most preferred points for film developing and screening. The C41 offers hand developing for black & white films, which are not developed with the same methods as colored films.
Address: Tuna Cad., No:18-A, Kızılay

Apart from all these, we know that there is a considerable analog community in Ankara. Occasionally we also heard about the activities among them. You may follow Analogue Photo Community‘s Facebook page for events. Recently they even organized camping activities in Yedigöller. If we had heard before, we would have joined. Well, maybe we may join other activities. As long as we are together, and in analog spirit!

Stay abundant!

I would like to thank Güneş Küçükbabuccu who contributed to this article and to our followers who shared their photos with us.

Translated by: Jeyan Idil Aslan

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