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A Beginner’s Guide to Crispy Ankara Air

Back in the elementary school, we all wrote down the same… “In Ankara, summers are dry and hot; and winters are snowy and cold”. But the extent of the cold was something that we haven’t taught of! Jokes were on others, but locals know the exact meaning of these words. Those who came to Ankara later on in their lives saw, how crispy it can get. As the cold weather approaches, this is an important subject to visit, so how to deal with this cold of Ankara? Here is the “Beginner’s Guide to Crispy Ankara Air”!

Don’t be Fooled by the Forecast!

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When you wake up in the morning, you’ll probably check the forecast before deciding what to wear. Sometimes the forecast states that it is sunny, but don’t be fooled! One simply cannot trust to Ankara’s sun. It doesn’t make life warmer in the winter.

Layer Up!

ankara weather

It is not enough to wear a coat over your thickest sweater. Start layering up with a t-shirt inside. As a result of the cold outside, indoor areas will be warm. It is useful to layer down once you are inside and no longer faced with cold. This way you would avoid getting cold outside once you are out.

Do not Underestimate the Power of Long Johns

ankara weather

Although surprising to newcomers, long johns, thermal tights, pantyhose, and many others are very important for the Ankara weather – and they are a must… Try it, you will feel the comfort!

Wrap Your Scarf Thoroughly

ankara weather

Remember how your mother used to wrap your scarf when you were little? Only eyes were visible… That’s what you need! Once you got a hat on, that is perfect!

Keep Your Sunglasses Close

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Don’t wait to see the sun to put on your glasses. The ones that suffer from lacrimation know it better. Carry your sunglasses with you in order to avoid crystalized tears caused by Ankara weather.

One Wish for Tonight: Seeing the Bus Arrive Early!

ankara weather

Even though you are dress appropriately, put on a pair of long johns and wrapped the scarf all around; you cannot avoid the sharp wind slicing your face like a knife while you are in the bus stop. There’s not much left to do other than to wish the bus would come in as soon as possible to avoid facial paralysis.

Leave the House Early If You Have a Car

ankara weather

After an ice-cold night, nothing stays the same. It will probably take some time for the car engine to warm up and work. Be aware.

Have a Cup of Joe

Nowadays you can find a coffee shop in every corner of Ankara. A cup of warm joe will keep your hands warm, like a glove!


ankara weather

Despite cold weather, dry air, cracks on the hands, red noses and frozen tears; Ankara weather is beautiful in the winter. The tranquility of Kuğulu Park under snow, or treating yourself with some chestnuts on your way to the bus stop makes the winter wonderful.

Do not forget: It is the cold that is famous, not the city! 

This article is available in Turkish! Click here to take a look!

Translated by Jeyan İdil Aslan

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