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6 Places You Can Find Vegan Food in Ankara

Vegans and vegeterians, attention please! We heard that you complain about being a vegan in Turkey so we decided to help you. I think you are absolutely right, it is hard to be vegan or vegeterian in Turkey. It is possible to encounter both critical thougts and hardships of finding appropiate foods for your diet, even you are just trying to protect the animal rights. It is also very common thought that you always fight with hunger. Although this isn’t true, there aren’t so many places which is vegan friendly. At least it isn’t none and existing ones are such inspiring… However, we are believing that these animal friendly places will accrete rapidly. We listed these beautiful vegan and vegan friendly places for you. They are also perfect for having a healthy meal even you are not vegan or vegeterian.

1.Veganka / Vegan

This place, which is the first vegan restaurant in Ankara, serves only vegan food and desserts. It’s menu consists of several types of salads, soups and desserts. You can also experience some unusual tastes in this place like beetroot, persley and dry tomato soup.

Adress: Tunus Street No: 49 Çankaya

ankarada vegan mekanlar lavarla     veganka lavarla

2. Vegisso / Vegan

Vegisso is more than a restaurant actually, this place is like a home. Vegisso’s owner Yasin Keskin has an inspiring story about opening this place. At first, he worked as a cook in several vegan restaurants in İstanbul. However, he realized  this routine wasn’t what he wanted and he took to the roads. In the end, he decided to return to his hometown Ankara and opened his own place. In this way, he recreated his home as a cafe/restaurant. His customers always leave this place very pleased. In addition, this place is used as a studio for some workshops also, such as ceramic, soap making and yoga workshops. You can hang out peacefully in this place’s lovely garden with nature and cats.

It’s adress is: Akyüz street. 27/4 Küçükesat Çankaya-ANKARA

ankara vegan mekan 2    ankara vegan cafe

3. Vegihi / Vegan

Another place which takes your attention with its beautiful garden is Vegihi. The menu is quite wide which includes daily meals, breakfast and desserts. In some periods, there are movie screenings and public debates which make this place multi-purpose.

Adress: Şimşek street 13/A Tunalı Çankaya

13319837_244780915891858_9014064471507375736_n   ankara vegan restoranlar

4.Kuuk / Vegan

A lovely organization which embraces the idea that “cooking full of lively food without hearth breaking and killing animals” is Kuuk. Even they aren’t a cafe or restaurant, Kuuk organizes some events and they make vegan food for organizations.

Contact: 0535 727 8641

5. Olive Tree / Vegan friendly

It is obvious by its name, that restaurant has many options from Lebanon and Mediterranean kitchen for vegans and vegetarians. We can’t wait to taste their menu which based on hummus, tabule and falafel.

Adress: Nergis street. 2 Ankara

ankara vegan mekanlar lavarla

6.Kaktüs Smoothies & More / Vegan friendly

Another place which is like a heaven for vegans and vegetarians is Kaktüs. Vegans living full of fruit’s and vegetable’s energy, can find countless smoothies in this place. A lovely place which has various salads and smoothies is one of our favourites.

Adress:Tunalı Hilmi avenue, Bülten street No:28

Kaktüs Yeme İçme     Bülten Kaktüs

Our list ends here, for now. We hope that there will open more places offering vegan food in town.

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